Business Planning Guides are unique interactive tools for planning & funding of a small establishment or service business.

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Guides help you analyze your market place and business model to assess the potential and fundability of your new business.

Market Analysis

  • Target market
  • Market needs
  • Competition
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales per capita
  • Potential

Business Model

  • Start-up funding
  • Payroll
  • Expenses
  • Income
  • Cash flow
  • Fundability

A feasibility study makes sure your business concept is on the right track.

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Business Plan

The Business Plan Guide takes the difficulty out of writing a business plan. The Guide walks you through concepts and shows you examples that help you understand the business model from the inside out.

Unlike planning models that are short on how-to, the Business Plan Guide is long on strategies that are central to funding and a successful launch.

The Business Plan Guide easily formats into a professional document you will be proud of will save you money!

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Financial Modeling

The Financial Modeling Guide brings the benefits of financial modeling to the small business. The Guide helps you define what your business model is going to do, how it's going to do it, what profitability looks like and what is the risk. The Guide helps you with:

The Data – creating a defendable financial model
The Audit – assessing financial performance
The Narrative – the story behind your numbers

When it comes to funding, financial modeling can be a game changer.

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Field Guide for the Small Business Trekkie

The Field Guide is a business planning reference for the small business. The Field Guide is focused on planning sequence and strategy... and for good reason. Validating market need, developing an offering and testing the business model should come before spending money organizing the business.

The Field Guide is an ideal for working on strategies when away from the desk. The Field Guide is a great gift for someone starting a new business, especially women, minorities, seniors and our returning military.

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