Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study Guide is focused on validating your  market potential and enhancing your funding capability. The Feasibility Guide will take you through the steps of evaluating a market area, measuring potential and developing a financial model that will qualify for a loan. If you are concerned about complex corporate concepts, rest assured Feasibility Study template is designed for a small business with 1 to 4 employees.

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis template shows you how to define a trade area, assess your demographics, identify a target market, evaluate  the competition and access data for measuring your market potential. The Feasibility Guide also shows you how to develop an offering that is based on customer need which is essential for capturing market share. And when it comes to assessing risk, market research will tell you if marketplace facts are giving your business idea the green light.

Financial Modeling

The Financial Modeling template explains the steps needed to of develop a financial projections, audit your financial performance and develop solutions to profit and cash flow issues common to a small startup. The  Feasibility Guide employs financial modeling concepts to make sure your financial projections are directly linked to strategy. Financial modeling narrative will tell your lender where the business is going, how it’s going to get there and what to expect in the way of risk and performance.

The Financial Model template is focused on:

Financial Considerations

  • Startup cost
  • Funding sources
  • Payroll & expenses
  • Sales forecasting

Financial Performance

  • Profit & loss
  • Cash flow
  • Balance sheet
  • Financing capability

A feasible financial model is a necessity for loan approval.

Preview Feasibility Study Guide

The Feasibility Study Guide is available in Word or PDF and includes the Excel E-Z Financial Model template for the low price of $35.

Feasibility Study Guide – Word plus Excel EZ Financial Model

(60 pages)
(12 pages)
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Feasibility Study Guide – PDF plus Excel EZ Financial Model

(60 pages)
(12 pages)
Instant Download: Buy now
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