Small Business Funding

The ability to secure funding that supports your startup costs and ramp up needs is the most critical challenge that you will face when starting a business. Unfortunately corporate financial models may overwhelm and frustrate you. In response, the Financial Modeling Guide was designed to help a small business with 1 to 4 employees.

The Financial Modeling Guide employs financial modeling concepts and will show you how to developĀ  financial projections that are driven by strategy. The Guide will also show you how to fine tune your financial performance , resolve income and cash flow problems common to a small startup and assess your funding feasibility. When discussing a loan with a lender, your ability to discuss and defend your financial projections is critical.

When starting a new business, the ability to finance startup asset requirements and have enough capital to support your ramp up needs is revealed in the financial model. If you are to maintain a positive cash flow that pays the bills, covers payroll, allows for inventory increases and loan repayment, adequate funding is paramount.

You’ll be please to hear that the Guide includes a sample Financial Model Narrative chapter that will show you how to explain your financial projections in a business plan or lender presentation.

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The Financial Modeling Guide for Small Business Funding is available in Word/Excel for $25.

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